About Us...

SALT Staffing & Events offers event staffing support, event consulting and creative concepts to caterers, event planners and corporate marketing teams.

Our approach is quite unique; we take a previously untapped component of your event, front of house staffing, and transform them into a living, breathing extension of your theme. Armed with a script and background story, SALT staffers will have your guests feeling completely immersed in your carefully detailed theme and key messages. Avant-garde uniforms with interchangeable accessories pull the details together to elevate the look and feel of your event.

We are experienced catering staff carefully selected from a community of professional actors. We create a backstory to your event, memorize the unique components of your menu and engage your guests with passion and energy.

"Not just another pretty face, and so much more than your typical event staffing solution."

With a wide selection of dedicated team leaders experienced in event and/or catering management we ensure your show goes off without a hitch. It’s the perfect combination of experience and entertainment.


Our uniforms are anything but standard. Interchangeable collars, lapels and accessories easily reflect different eras, formality and styles. Your theme, colours and overall message touches every detail in the room, right down to the art deco modernist wing-tipped collar.

HI, I’m Tara and I am so grateful that you’ve decided to check out our site!

Since you’re here, it must mean that you are looking for ways to enhance your special events. Please take a look around, we have put much thought into presenting our business to you and I hope that you will love the concepts we have put together as much as I do.

The most important thing to know about SALT, is that everything here is a collaborative effort. My business/life partner is an architectural designer by trade and although he likes to stay behind the scenes, his influence is everywhere. He is the visual story-teller behind the brand; creating the sketches on our marketing material and social media pages, pulling colour and texture together for our uniforms and directing our photoshoots. He paints the pictures, I write the words and our staff are the embodiment of both, delivering the stories to you and your guests.

Our goal with SALT Staffing & Events is to take your event to the next level using real human engagement with your brand, event theme or menu with a stylishly entertaining affect that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

My personal goal is to create a community for SALT Staffers which compliments their career aspirations. An environment of continuous improvement where high standards and self-respect are rewarded, and everyone’s contribution is valued.

Thank you for coming by, we look forward to creating something extraordinary with you!


CEO, SALT Enterprise Inc.

Are you a caterer who’s taken your menu to the next level? We know your business and the demands on your time – you can’t be everywhere at once! Bring those gastronomic insights directly to your guests with knowledge, passion and style. Guaranteed to dominate the competition!

You’ve had your creative ideation sessions, you’ve curated a vision board that Coco herself would be proud of and your pitch skills are sharp enough to pierce through the most discerning of clientele. Now you are asking yourself, "what can I do to take this further?" We have some ideas for you...

Your marketing team has thrown every type of event known to man and the bosses need something fresh to generate buzz. It’s up to you to come up with something creative and new...and stay on budget!! Don’t ruin your manicure. We have the solution...